Friday, December 01, 2006

Reminder of Things To Edit in Template

1. Must get rid of the big white space and line between date and title.
2. Must figure out how to edit link widget so I can annotate each link.
3. Must find a photo to put somewhere.
4. Would like to add the List widget with an activism theme

will add more as I think of them.

Thought of something else, but I think it will need its own blog. My wishlist/gift journal....

I get tons of catalogs because I shop almost exclusively online. All through the year I cut out the stuff in the catalogs that appeal to me (for myself or others) and paste them into a journal with annotations about why I like them, or who would like them, or why I hate them if I want to spend a bit of time ranting. Makes for a creative way to capture my thoughts. And when I want to buy a gift, I just look at the name index in the front of the journal and find the pages with stuff for that person that I've found throughout the year.

I also use a smaller journal to make notes about websites that have interesting stuff. I don't like buying from Amazon but I sometimes browse the stuff there for ideas.

And, when I do go out shopping, I go to the small indy stores in my city. Much more fun and I usually find lots of unusual gifts. That is what I think I should make a different blog about, indy shopping in Pittsburgh.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh! Indie shopping in da Burgh! I'm all for it. The little one and I would, I'm sure, love to accompany you to find new places (been to Baldinger's yet?).


Zmrzlina said...

I haven't been to Baldinger's, but I'd love to go. I'm going to work on the new blog this weekend and I'll send you the link. It would be such fun to have a partner in crime and little sidekick, too!