Saturday, September 08, 2001

I want to know more about Second Harvest (including why the site looks so awful) and Ashoka. They have nothing to do with each other, but I was cleaning my bookmarks out and they held my attention a bit longer than some of the other sites I looked at.
Yup, that is what it is. So I think I will leave the Reblogger off since no one reads this blog but me and it would be terribly silly for me to talk to myself any more than I am already.
Nope, not Blogger. It is the ReBlogger. I think.
Hmmm...something is not right with Blogger.

Friday, September 07, 2001

Okay, so there is more than the WebCrossing making me blue. of the others in the graduate group just sent out an email chastising people for not using the board, so maybe there will be a change.
I am sitting here all teary over the stupidest of things.

WebCrossing has free discussion board software online so anyone can use one of the best bits of coding around to set up their own forum. So...I set up a board for my graduate studies program. This is a group of people who are not great with technology, but knowing this software will not be difficult, I had high hopes.

Stupid me. There is a wonderful post I know everyone in the group would have an opinion on. I waited and waited. No one responded. So, I sent out an email telling everyone there is a great offer on the board and everyone should take a look and put in their two cents. I got a flood of emails saying basically "Oh yeah! That is a great idea. Tell Katie (the poster) to go for it!" ::::sigh:::: They could have all just as easy posted this to the board so that Katie could see it without me having to forward all the emails and putting more mail in boxes that will just get lost in the overflow.

And so I am teary. I is silly. But I just can't understand why people don't take the time to use technology to its better possibility.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

I have been listening to a book on tape while in the car. Makes for a more relaxed commute since I tend to get too wound up listening to National Public Radio. I love NPR, but sometimes I just need a break from reality. It is purely an accident that I have this particular book on tape, though. I had ordered what I thought was a book through interlibrary loan and it turned out to be audio. I am so glad I wasn't observant.

The tapes are Ian Carmichael reading the book Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome. It was written in 1889 and is a travelogue of sorts, but not really. It is very funny. And fascinating. And poignant. A scene describing what it might have been like at the signing of the Magna Carta brought tears. Mostly it is funny. Uproarious in places. Giggly in others. And though it was written more than 100 years ago, some of the observations...nay, most of the observations are as fresh as if written last week. Mr. Carmichael's voice is at once soothing, cultured and downright friendly. He reads the British elongated vowels in such a way as not to appear pompous (as some of those BBC folk can sound). Truly a joy.
Okay, the "Put up a Blogger" button up there is put on my page with very little research, but I have a gut feeling this is a great idea.