Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gadgety Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Kitchen Gadgets Zmrzlina Loves

I'm pretty hopeless in the kitchen. I am vegetarian and I'm usually happy just stir-frying a bunch of veggies until they are merely warm, tossing in some spice and/or soy sauce, and serving over wild rice or soba noodles with a side of seasoned tofu. But, since moving to Pittsburgh I've tried to vary things and I am starting to enjoy cooking.... just a little bit. It helps that G is willing to try whatever I cook, and often does his own experimenting in the kitchen. These are some of our favorite gadgets.

1. Rev 'n Chef Herb Chopper. I use this for herbs, but also to make quick work of dicing up small bits of onions and peppers.

2. Silicone Pinch Cups. I like having everything all measured out and ready to use before I start cooking.

3. Stainless steel hanging baskets... the old fashion kind that don't seem to be in many kitchens anymore. I keep my garlic and other non-refrigerated produce in them.

4. Glass jars, on the shelf over the sink, where I store my grains. I use lots of whole grains and like to have the out so I know exactly how much I have left with just a glance. I also store my most often used spices (cumin, curry, chili, turmeric) in small glass jars on the same shelf.

5. Silicone cooking utensils. I love these. I am getting rid of all the ugly plastic ones and getting all silicone.

6. Cooking utensil holder. I have a vintage looking container on the counter to hold all my utensils. For the first 30 years of cookinghood I had them in drawers. So much easier to have them out and ready for use.

7. Nut chopper. I like chopped nuts in my salads and this little gadget is perfect to pull out and chop a few nuts. Rinses out easy and back into the drawer.

8. Pampered Chef Wine Bottle Opener. Love how the little foil cutter takes the top off so neatly. I collect those little cut off tops. And the cork remover is pretty cool, too.

9. SiliconeZone Lid. Covers my biggest pot and skillet. Very cool for letting me see what's cooking. Just have to be careful of escaping steam and hot water when lifting lid.

10. Recipe book holder. I have a plain, stainless, no-frills holder that folds up small to slip beside the cookbook rack. Cooked for 30 years without one and now I can't imagine why. So much easier to have the book, or magazine, held open and upright in front of me!

11. Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder. Mine is a bit different than the linked one... brushed not shiny and a nicer top. I love how the towel comes off with just a one-hand tug.

12. Hershey silicone bakeware. I don't have these, but I want them. We saw them a while back, but since we don't eat sweets and I don't ever bake, I didn't buy them. But I do want them. I don't know why, I just do.

13. Lastly, a bit more than a gadget, but indispensable, my Keurig Coffee Maker. I love the perfect cup of coffee I get and I can use my own coffee in the resusable K-cup filter assembly that I bought separately.

Lately we have been finding it very hard to stay out of shops like Sur la Table. But, we don't really buy many gadgets because we have a tiny kitchen with not very much storage space. But someday....

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Rashenbo said...

Yay, the keurig!!! :) Great list... I don't even know what I've got in my kitchen... it's buried under dirty dishes right now... that's what happens when I take off "cleaning" to celebrate my birthday... it just gets left until I'm done "celebrating" :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Cool list; I might have to steal some of these ideas for my own kitchen. and yeah. I'm with you on the switch to silicone.

Happy TT!

Milan-zzz said...

Oh you are 13er!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!
It's great when you run into familiar face here in cyber space!

Gosh you have Recipe book holder???
I'd never guess that such thing even exists!

Hmmm ... now when I'm thinking about this I kind of like it ... WOW and if I manage to get some sexy page turner so that my hands can be free ... and we all know that the best meal is if you cook undressed (dishes with lots of hot-oil-sprinkling are excluded) ... it smells on fire!

Big Hug & Best Wishes!

Zmrzlina said...

Cook undressed!? Oh my goodness. I use too much oil to consider doing that. Maybe breakfast, though...