Saturday, September 01, 2001

I clicked a pop-up ad today. I think it is the first time I have ever clicked one. Usually I have software running in my systray that kills pop-ups. But this one is so beautiful. It is featured on iVillage, amid all the pop-ups for pain killers and parenting (oh I hate that verb) tips. I never go to iVillage, but I clicked a link from another site and ended up there. The pop-up features a view of the earth from space and some text about wanting to make it a better world. I clicked. It brought me to FamilyPlanet.

Planet is an organization dedicated to making the world more aware of the need for family planning. They link the environment, poverty and disease to the lack of family planning. This is not an approach I would want to deal with on an exclusive level, but I do like it as one way of looking at human suffering and environmental degradation. And they have four postcards to use as an introduction to the site. I sent off a dozen of them.

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