Tuesday, August 07, 2001

The recent Blogathon organized by frykitty caught my attention and I decided to sponsor mybluehouse for no other reason than her site title intriqued me and the organization she wanted to raise money for is not US based. The organization is Casa Alianza. A total of $420 was raised in the 24 hours of the Blogathon for this organization alone. Over $20,000 was raised in total. Impressive.

Anyway, I have received a couple emails from Casa Alianza and I am looking more closely at the organization. It is "an independent, non profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. Casa Alianza is the Latin American branch of the New York-based Covenant House, whose President is Sister Mary Rose McGeady D.C." I am not usually trusting of faith-based charity, but again, like Alternative Gifts International in my earlier entry, I am hoping my faith in their faith is not misguided.

I worry about help comes with strings, like the children must agree to some kind of service to religion. That when the kind people at Casa Alianza "try to change an attitude or conduct, we have to suggest and create alternatives together with the children", I have to hope it is not an offer they can't refuse. I do feel this is the case with this organization, but how do you know for sure? I would prefer a world without any religion at all. Just human beings relying on human beings. I think humans are good without the threat of a god or devil.

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