Monday, July 30, 2001

Yeeps! I have greater appreciation for web site designers (not that I didn't appreciate them before) 'cause I just saw what this page looks like using a desktop monitor and not my laptop screen. The background is yellow! On my laptop it is a pale peachy color, very pretty and looks great with the brickish text of the journals and purple title and date. The links are a pretty light green, almost glimmers. On the desktop monitor the text is more brownish and the purple darker and the green a bit different...not so glimmery. I don't mind how it looks on the desktop, but it is certainly pedestrian. The colors on my laptop are not ordinary at all. When I get around to developing my own site, I will for sure use the color scheme I thought this was. And find a way to make sure that the colors are as I want them to be on as many systems as possible.

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