Saturday, July 28, 2001

In an article on h2g2 there is mention made of the site Anxiety Culture. I posted the following in response to the site:

Actually, the "How to Find Your Own Purpose" page reads deceptively obvious, but really...have you ever sat down and written out what you like about yourself, how you most like spending your time and your idea of a perfect world?

And I was asked if I have written such a list. I've thought of those things, but haven't actually written the answers out. So, here goes....

I like that I am always wanting to learn more. I like that I am happiest when I am living simple, which does not mean living without modern conveniences. It means I don't want for the latest fashions, fancy vacations, jewelry, elaborate home. I like that I am trying to live my life without labels. I don't eat meat, but I don't want to call myself a vegetarian. I don't believe in any god, but I don't want to call myself an atheist. Labels make it so you have to conform to others who wear the same label. I am human, that's all. And there is no way I will conform to being like all humans. Easier to be a non-conformist in so broad a catagory.

My favorite thing to do is travel. I love to wander a city and see what there is to see without having to see something. I love maps, but I can enjoy being slightly lost, too. I also love to read. I like to listen to people talk about politics. Sometimes I participate, but I am often too nervous that I won't be able to contribute intelligent commentary, so I stay quiet, then talk with someone very close about the topics later. Someday I want to write.

Perfect world...I don't want a perfect world. Perfection is boring. I want fair. I want tolerance. I want hope. There isn't nearly enough hope in the world.

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